Help Take Back Idaho From Extremism

Take Back Idaho's mission is to maintain the peaceful and respectful way of life that Idahoans have enjoyed for generations. They provide crucial information needed to make informed voting decisions, utilizing a variety of mediums backed by data and evidence.

Take Back Idaho emphasizes empowering Idahoans by providing context and data on special interest groups that use confrontational tactics to promote self-serving agendas that do not prioritize the well-being of Idaho citizens.

We've assembled a team of Idahoans who are committed to helping Idahoans identify extremism and use their experience to help educate and combat misinformation.

Meet the Take Back Idaho PAC Board of Directors

Extremist organizations in Idaho use the confrontational politics playbook that is designed to intimidate and strike fear toward anyone who dares speak up against their misinformation. It takes courage to take a stand against the paper tiger organizations who attempt to force their agenda upon our state to benefit their donors and appease their base.

Our board members have been engaged in Idaho policy-making for decades. Our group includes former Idaho Attorney General and retired State Supreme Court Justice, former Republican Speaker of the House, former Secretary of State, state education leaders, and long-time advocates for common sense solutions.

Our non-partisan board represents Idaho values across the state.

Latest Articles

The Open Primaries Initiative will restore decency to Idaho politics

There has been no shortage in recent days of California political refugees who arrive in the Gem State to “wake up” native Idahoans to a variety of political calamities. One day it is waking us up to the supposed danger that evil librarians pose to the morals of our kids. The next thing you know, they warn us to wake…

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Idaho Voter Guide

Take Back Idaho Helps Launch Idaho’s Premier Voter Guide

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Boise, Idaho, May 11, 2024 – With the backing of Take Back Idaho, an organization committed to improving political discourse and countering extremist influences in the state, has officially launched. This new Voter Guide platform aims to provide voters comprehensive information on candidates running in every legislative race across Idaho. stands out as the most…

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How can you tell if a candidate is really a conservative?

I recently heard from a long-time Republican friend who was “troubled by how people just look for the word ‘conservative’ when they decide to vote. They are not looking outside the box to find out who candidates are, who they associate with, and deeper information on how long they have lived in Idaho.  There are so many small groups, like ConservativesOf:PAC,…

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Las Vegas Hired Guns Deployed in Idaho Legislative Campaigns

Jim Woodward’s life story is a testament to the values that define true conservatism in Idaho. His dedication to serving the country is evident from his honorable military service in the Navy, where he embraced the responsibility of defending national security. Woodward’s commitment to family and community is equally profound, having built a life with his high school sweetheart in…

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Take Back Idaho

The Alchemist – Turning Mean Tweets Into Millions

Like the old tale of alchemists who attempted to use magic to turn lead into gold, this is the story of how one man tried to turn hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations to far-right candidates and organizations into millions in the form of revenue to his gold storage business. And he would have gotten away with it if…

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Let’s Give Idaho Racists The Spotlight They Deserve, Not The One They Want

In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, the University of Utah women’s basketball team encountered a chilling reminder of racism’s persisting shadow in America. As they ventured through the city, preparing for an NCAA tournament game, they were confronted by a white truck from which racial slurs were hurled at them. This wasn’t just an isolated incident of hatred; it was a stark exposure…

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Take Back Idaho

Another Effort To Silence You

Over and over, some Idaho legislators have demonstrated a desire to silence voters.  They have expressed that by, in each recent legislative session, adding more and more restrictions on our right to vote.  This year, besides continuing to make voting ever more difficult, some legislators are trying, again, to prevent successful voter initiatives. ​The Idaho Constitution confers on Idahoans the right to enact laws by initiative.  Idaho’s requirements to qualify an initiative for the election ballot are among the toughest in the nation, but since…

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Unconstitutional legislation seeks to subvert Idaho initiative rights, yet again

Idaho legislators sought to undermine the constitutional right of Idahoans to run initiatives by enacting a 2021 law, making it virtually impossible to get the required signatures. The Idaho Supreme Court struck the law down based on its determination that the law violated the Idaho Constitution. The Court said that the initiative is a fundamental constitutional right and that laws to restrict…

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Idaho at the Crossroads: Immigrant Labor, Fentanyl, and National Security

In the heart of the American Northwest, Idaho faces unique challenges and opportunities that reflect broader national debates. House Joint Memorial 11 has brought these issues into sharp focus, prompting a critical examination of the facts. Immigrant Labor: The Backbone of Idaho’s Prosperity In Idaho, the narrative that immigrant labor is a detriment to society is fundamentally flawed. Immigrants play…

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The Risks of Undermining Anti-Domestic Terrorism Laws In Idaho

In the shadows of America’s heartland, a narrative of victimhood is being woven by those who once stood armed against the government. Figures like Eric Parker, known for his standoff at the Bundy Ranch, and the memory of LaVoy Finicum, a martyr in the eyes of anti-government extremists, are repositioning themselves not as the perpetrators of potential domestic terrorism but as…

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