Take Back Idaho PAC Board of Directors

"Truth, facts, context, and informed commentary will help Idahoans sort out the disinformation and misinformation. With all of us working together, we can take the politics out of policy and get our elected officials working for the people again." 

Jennifer Ellis
Cattle Rancher


“Many Idahoans have ancestors who settled here seeking a better life for themselves, where they could reside in peace and enjoy their home built through hard work.  Families who live here now and generations to come should not have to worry about whether their leaders are pushing disinformation or worry about extremists’ unnecessary fear-mongering.”

Cindy Wilson
Education Advocate

“I want to see a return of thoughtful governance into the hands of wise and capable people concerned with the real needs of Idahoans.”  

Geoff Thomas
Former School Superintendent


"The politics of fear and outrage has exhausted Idahoans, turning good people against one another. Take Back Idaho provides a lifeline back to civil, pragmatic, and reasonable governing in the Gem State."

Jim Jones
Vietnam Combat Veteran

“The silent majority can no longer sit back and hope things will change. If we don’t engage, we will continue down the path of losing our public education system to the far right, as evidenced by the actions in the legislature in the recent sessions.”

Bruce Newcomb

Former Idaho Speaker of the House

“I hope for the restoration of state government that is responsive to the needs and wishes of Idahoans, not to the dictates of special interests.”

Karen Lansing
Former Idaho Court of Appeals Judge


“I believe in democracy, thoughtful representative government, and honest public servants.  I also believe we are much better off thinking and reading for ourselves rather than being told what to think or read.  The extremists who have brought fear and bigotry into our state do not share these truths.  Theirs is a world of hyper-partisanship, distrust, and misinformation.  It is why I am involved with Take Back Idaho.  The challenges we—all of us Idahoans—face are too consequential to be left in the hands of hateful opportunists and their dark money backers.”

Doug Siddoway

“Idaho is not just my home; it’s a way of life. The freedom to raise a family, embrace self-reliance, and chart our own course is at stake. Idaho institutions are on the brink, brought to us by severe mismanagement and extreme ideology. I’ll be damned if I surrender easily because Idaho is worth fighting for. The good news is, I won’t be alone, and neither will you.” 

Christa Hazel
North Idaho Republican Mom


“Idahoans are serious people who want our leaders to be honest and to be devoted to problem-solving, not ideological extremism. TBI seeks to move our great state in this positive direction.”

David High

“I would like to see our state government be more responsive to the priorities of ordinary Idahoans and more independent of party, lobbyists, and special interests.”

AJ Balukoff
Former School Board Trustee


"After many years of dedicating my personal resources of time, talent, and money to the partisan political process in Idaho, I am now focusing on returning the governing of its people to common sense and civility."

Cheryl Miller
Accounting Professional


Ben Ysursa
Former Idaho Secretary of State