Take Back Idaho Launches Campaign to Combat Extremism and Misinformation

Boise, ID, January 4, 2024 – Take Back Idaho PAC, which is dedicated to protecting Idaho from extremism and misinformation, are ramping up their nonpartisan efforts to ensure a more informed electorate and over time, a return to civil discourse in the Gem State. The organization boasts a diverse and experienced board of directors, including former Attorney General and State Supreme Court Justice Jim Jones, former Secretary of State Ben Ysursa, and former Speaker of the House Bruce Newcomb. 

Take Back Idaho’s mission is to maintain the peaceful and respectful way of life that Idahoans have enjoyed for generations. They provide crucial information needed to make informed voting decisions, utilizing a variety of mediums backed by data and evidence.

Take Back Idaho emphasizes empowering Idahoans by providing context and data on special interest groups that use confrontational tactics to promote self-serving agendas that do not prioritize the well-being of Idaho citizens. 

Jim Jones, a Vietnam combat veteran, states, “The politics of fear and outrage has exhausted Idahoans, turning good people against one another. Take Back Idaho provides a lifeline back to civil, pragmatic, and reasonable governing in the Gem State.”

Bruce Newcomb stresses the importance of engagement, stating, “The silent majority can no longer sit back and hope things will change. If we don’t engage, we will continue down the path of losing our public education system to the far right, as evidenced by the actions in the legislature in the recent sessions.”

Jennifer Ellis, Chairwoman of Take Back Idaho, adds, “Truth, facts, context, and informed commentary will help Idahoans sort out the disinformation and misinformation. With all of us working together, we can take the politics out of policy and get our elected officials working for the people again.”

Recognizing the growing influence of extremist groups and the spread of false information, Take Back Idaho aims to empower citizens with accurate information and a non-partisan approach to critical issues. The organization has recently contracted Snake River Strategies, led by political strategist Gregory Graf, to help with this crucial mission. Graf’s exceptional work in exposing extremism gives Take Back Idaho a fighting chance to tackle the challenges this organization seeks to overcome in Idaho.

Take Back Idaho invites all Idahoans, regardless of party affiliation, to join their cause in facilitating informed decision-making, which will enable a return to a more balanced political landscape. 

For more information, please visit www.takebackidaho.com 

For further inquiries or media requests, please contact: 

Jennifer Ellis 
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 208-681-6004