Elected Officials Must Unite in Rejecting Political Violence


Friday, March 18, 2022


Jennifer Ellis, Board Chair

(208) 681 – 6004

Elected Officials Must Unite in Rejecting Political Violence

Janice McGeachin joins Ammon Bundy in elevating extremists whose threats and doxxing shut down Idaho’s largest hospital

BLACKFOOT, Idaho (March 18, 2022) – Take Back Idaho has released the following statement on the escalation of political violence this week, led by Ammon Bundy and exacerbated by elected officials including Idaho’s Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin:

“The vast majority of Idahoans reject political violence, including threats against our hospitals, public servants, doctors, and social workers. Today, Ammon Bundy called on national militia members to come to the home of an Idaho judge tomorrow at 10 a.m. Meanwhile, Idaho’s largest hospital is experiencing threats of violence and strained resources caused by protesters jamming their phone lines, disrupting emergency care, and harassing their doctors, staff, and patients. This is unacceptable to all who value the rule of law and basic decency. 

“From the minute the news broke of an at-risk baby being protected by law enforcement and health care providers, Ammon Bundy and Janice McGeachin have capitalized on the suffering of this baby for political gain, fundraising, and to incite political violence. Take Back Idaho calls on all elected officials, past and present, to rebuke political violence and the doxxing and harassment of their fellow Idahoans who are just trying to do their jobs and maintain law and order in our communities. We must take back our Idaho.” 

Other elected officials who have supported Bundy’s rallies and calls for action at St. Luke’s include Representatives Ron Nate (R-Rexburg), Chad Christensen (R-Iona), Karey Hanks (R-St. Anthony), Tammy Nichols (R-Middleton), and Tony Wisniewski (R-Post Falls.) Fred Birnbaum, employee of and lobbyist for the Idaho Freedom Foundation, also attended the rally outside the hospital.


The Take Back Idaho PAC and its members and supporters are determined to take Idaho back from the grip of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, its partner organizations, and their acolytes in the GOP legislative ranks. The PAC seeks to elect responsible candidates in the 2022 and subsequent primary elections and supports individuals dedicated to educating our children, working together to solve our chronic problems, and restoring a sense of community and common purpose in Idaho. Learn more at www.takebackidaho.com