Extreme Candidates Moon, Giddings Among von Ehlinger’s Champions

Today, the disgraced former legislator was convicted of rape

BLACKFOOT, Idaho (April 29, 2022) – Take Back Idaho is drawing attention to the ties between officials running for constitutional office in the upcoming Republican primary and Aaron von Ehlinger, the 39-year-old former legislator who was convicted today of raping a 19-year-old statehouse intern, Jane Doe. 

“First of all, we want to offer acknowledgement of Jane Doe’s courage and express deep regret for her ordeal. Aaron von Ehlinger abused his power and preyed on subordinates; this should never happen in the halls of power but too often does,” said Jennifer Ellis Friday, on behalf of the entire Take Back Idaho board.

“Aaron von Ehlinger is a rapist. The legislators who stood by von Ehlinger despite the overwhelming evidence of his guilt should answer for their actions. Priscilla Giddings, Dorothy Moon, and every lawmaker who stood in solidarity with a sexual predator should be ashamed. They have again demonstrated their unfitness to serve at any level of government.”

Before he resigned in the face of a House Ethics Committee recommendation for expulsion, von Ehlinger enjoyed an “A” (93%) rating from the Idaho Freedom Foundation and the support of fellow legislators-turned-statewide candidates, including Priscilla Giddings and Dorothy Moon. 

In spite of his clear abuse of power and predatory behavior towards a teenage intern, Moon still called von Ehlinger a “gentleman” during her testimony in his House Ethics Committee hearing last April. “He’s always been very polite, always been a real gentleman.”

When asked about von Ehlinger’s behavior, Giddings also testified before the committee, “I would say his behavior has been the utmost of professional (sic) and very gentlemanly-like, unlike maybe others.”

Giddings faced her own House Ethics committee last fall for defending von Ehlinger by publicly exposing the private identity and photograph of Jane Doe using her state email address. The committee voted to strip her of a committee assignment for her role in exposing the young woman. Giddings also shared an article from Redoubt News that identified the teen intern and even helped von Ehlinger craft a news release.

As Giddings said from the stand, she believed that “if von Ehlinger’s name was going to be out there, (the victim’s) name should be out there as well.” In doing so, she set a dangerous standard for elected officials and their treatment of victims of sexual assault.

The status of a possible U.S. Air Force complaint against Giddings is unknown. Last August, KTVB reported that the Air Force, which employs Giddings, had taken appropriate action after learning of her exposing and endangering Jane Doe in light of the dozens of sexual assault cases she’s overseen in her duties as an officer in the Air Force Reserve.

Other legislators who defended von Ehlinger at his House Ethics Committee hearing and are again on the ballot this May were Rep. Vito Barbieri and Rep. Judy Boyle, R-Midvale. None of these officials have since condemned von Ehlinger’s actions.

“Idaho deserves elected officials who will stand up for victims of rape and sexual assault, period. Doxxing and revictimization is unforgivable,” said Ellis.


The Take Back Idaho PAC and its members and supporters are determined to take Idaho back from the grip of extremists in the Statehouse and legislative ranks. The PAC seeks to elect responsible candidates in the 2022 and subsequent primary elections and supports individuals dedicated to educating our children, working together to solve our chronic problems, and restoring a sense of community and common purpose in Idaho.