Take Back Idaho Publishes 5,000+ Deleted Tweets from IFF Consultant Dave Reilly, Revealing Shocking Levels of Anti-Semitism and Hate

BOISE – A newly published archive of more than 5,000 deleted tweets from Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) consultant Dave Reilly reveals previously unreported and deeply troubling anti-Semitic and misogynistic statements and his strong support for Nick Fuentes, a prominent white nationalist and anti-Semite. 

Among Reilly’s most offensive deleted tweets: He calls Judaism “the religion of anti-Christ,” he echoes Holocaust denial and revisionist language, he calls for women to be banned from college, voting, and using social media, and bemoans their participation in the workforce, and Reilly repeatedly expresses his respect and support for Fuentes — claiming “He’s speaking the truth …” and that he is “serving the will of God.”

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Take Back Idaho is publishing this archive of deleted tweets gathered using the internet archive, as the Idaho Freedom Foundation refuses to heed bipartisan calls to condemn Reilly and his influence on their communications. IFF Chair Brent Regan has repeatedly defended Reilly in the press, downplaying his hateful views, and the organization has claimed the tweets were made a “long time ago,” “fabricated or taken out of context.” All of the newly published deleted tweets occurred after Reilly participated in the deadly Charlottesville Unite the Right rally in 2017. 

“IFF can no longer hide, downplay, or gaslight Idahoans about Dave Reilly’s morally repugnant views and statements,” said Jennifer Ellis, Take Back Idaho Board member. “This archive reveals Dave Reilly’s hate in his own words. If IFF still refuses to disavow Dave Reilly after reviewing his tweets, which even Reilly apparently deemed appalling enough to attempt to hide, then we will know exactly where IFF stands. We will know that IFF endorses Reilly’s anti-Semitism, that they too believe women should not be able to vote or get an education, and that they condone white nationalists like Nick Fuentes.” 

In one deeply troubling and previously unreported instance, Reilly went so far as to mirror — nearly word-for-word — language that Nick Fuentes used to compare the murder of 6 million Jews to cookies baking in an oven. Reilly Tweeted this in 2019: “If you had 14 ovens working around the clock for 5 years, with Hulda’s cookie recipe you could bake 4,599,000 batches of cookies!  Yum!” And a day later, he donned a “Cookie Monster” hat, took a photo, and tweeted “Going cookie mode.” 

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IFF Chair Regan has described these deleted Tweets regarding the Holocaust as “some posts that were critical of the Israeli government.” (CDA / Post Falls Press, 12/22/2023)

Though this archive exposes previously unreported Reilly tweets, his hateful views and actions have been well-documented. Reilly live-streamed a Charlottesville KKK rally and, under a screen name, helped promote the deadly Unite the Right rallywhich he also attended. Reilly has suggested that gay people need to be driven out of Idaho communities and cruelly tricked homeless families into believing the Idaho Republican party was serving free meals during an event.

It’s been more than two months since InvestigateWest revealed that IFF hired Reilly and one month since a bipartisan group of 30 faith leaders and elected officials called for the organizations to denounce Reilly. To date, IFF has refused to do so.

The full catalog of deleted tweets can be found by visiting Dave Reilly’s Deleted Tweets.


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